Saturday, February 15, 2014

An Apple Eaten

This project was originally posted in October of 2011.

One of the wonderful features of having iPods and iPads available for students to use is the ability to document and save projects while they are in process.  I found this particularly helpful when doing a drawing lesson with 4th and 5th graders.  Students were asked to make 4 sketches of an apple being eaten: the whole apple, a few bites, more bites, and finally the core.

The challenge with this assignment was that I know students would not be able to complete all four steps of the project during one day.  And those half eaten apples would get rather gross if we left them around for a week!  So they used iPods and iPads to record the four stages of the apple for use during the following week.

During the first week students were able to sketch using both the real apple and the photograph.

The following week, we did not have the iPads and iPods available for the students to use, so I printed out black and white copies of their apples for them to use with their drawings.  The black and white images greatly helped them with the sketching and shading as they drew the apples.  Unfortunately I lost the images of the finished projects when my Pixels and Paintbrushes blog caught a virus, but I think you can see how the photographs were a valuable part of the project!

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