Saturday, February 15, 2014

PopArt Wall using the CamWow app

Originally posted September 2011.

As part of a unit on Pop Art, we created this Andy Warhol style pop art wall for our hallway using the  free CamWow app.  Each student in the elementary school took a picture of themselves using the front facing camera on an iPod. They selected which filter in CamWow they wanted to use for their photo.

This is a great activity for Open House at school!  It created a kind of "Where's Waldo?" wall where students could bring their parents to search for their photos and their friends.

To print the images, I connected the iPods to my laptop and downloaded them all into iPhoto.  I was able to select all the photos and print them off in sheets with 9 photos per sheet.  I glued the sheets onto a long strip of paper before hanging in the hallway.

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